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Doylestown Social Networking Roundtable

Smart, Nice Social Media Pros Wanted

Thanks to the encouragement of some close friends who do a fair amount of their work in social media and related fields, the annual SoMeBizLife Conference is coming back on Saturday, April 16, and I hope you will be there. This post is a special appeal to social media pros to come to this event. […]

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SoMeBizLife Social Media Discussion

The Next Big Thing in Social Media

Are you ready? Are you really ready for the next big thing in social media? Let’s hope so, because it’s coming soon — and it’s going to change everything! Social media as we know it shall cease to exist, and unless you’re on board you’ll be left behind! How often have we heard things like […]

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Google Trends Social Media

Social Media: A Passing Fad?

Early on in this whole Internet thing, I worked for an organization where the prevailing notion was, “I’m not so sure this Internet thing is going to last. It probably isn’t worthwhile for us to jump in.” I saw the potential and jumped in personally, even though the group I worked for didn’t see it. […]

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Central Bucks Chamber W-4 Technology Issue.

People and Technology

I was delighted that the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce invited me to write an article for the recent technology issue of its magazine W4. Printed below is the text of the article. If you’d like to see the Chamber’s full technology issue with some great articles, please click here. People and Technology ‚ÄúThink about […]

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