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Smart, Nice Social Media Pros Wanted

Doylestown Social Networking Roundtable

Insightful conversations like this one with Richele Brisbon, Nickey Hollenbach, Rick Toone, Jennifer Phillips April, Christina Kristofic, John Langan, Don Lafferty and Anne Biggs take place each month at the Doylestown Social Networking Roundtable. We’ll be recreating that magic at the 2016 SoMeBizLife Conference on a larger scale.

Thanks to the encouragement of some close friends who do a fair amount of their work in social media and related fields, the annual SoMeBizLife Conference is coming back on Saturday, April 16, and I hope you will be there. This post is a special appeal to social media pros to come to this event. Here’s why it’s important to attend.

I see it as an extension of a monthly social networking roundtable that I organize. At that event, professionals and active small business owners gather in a room to hear what’s new, share tips and insights, and help each other figure out best practices, what we should be doing and what’s coming next.

The 2016 SoMeBizLife Conference will be similar — but larger in scope. We’re going to bookend the day with an opening general session and a closing general session. In between, we’re going to have four rounds of breakouts with five rooms each — so 20 sessions filled with actionable information. Who’s going to lead those sessions? I hope it’s you!

The breakout sessions for the SoMeBizLife Conference are going to be crowdsourced like they are at barcamps or unconferences. When you arrive on Saturday morning, April 16 at Delaware Valley University, you’ll have the opportunity to post the title and description of the session you want to lead. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to vote for sessions, and then we’ll slot the most in demand sessions into the schedule. I anticipate that most of the learning of the day will come from hearing fellow pros share their knowledge with each other, and we will all be better for it.

To encourage you to register, I’ve extended a discount code until March 7 to give you $17 off the ticket price of $49, make it just $32 to attend this full day event. Just use the discount code SoConnected at checkout.  I hope you will join in this wonderful day of sharing. You can register by clicking here.

Note: My philosophy in life is to only work with smart, nice people. If you don’t get it and don’t treat others well, this event is not for you.

— Chuck Hall

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