Social Media for Us “Oldtimers” in Business: Why Not?

If you’ve been conscious for any part of the last several years, you’ve heard and read a lot about social media. In fact, you may even have had it up to (you pick the body part) with social media like my friend Pat Walsh featured in the YouTube video below. But keep reading!

Despite all the totally overblown rhetoric about social media, the truth remains that it is changing everything we’re doing in business. Just like the Internet and Google have changed things in past years, social media – a way to create powerful connections among people and businesses – is changing everything now and will continue to change things going forward.

This is not the key to your future! But social media may be!

So I say, “Why not? What have you got to lose by taking some time to learn what the buzz is all about?” That’s what Pat has done! He has embraced social media and understands it.

Pat and many other 50-something people (including myself) have jumped in to learn new skills in social media. Not everyone is going to become a top expert in social media. But we can certainly learn enough to understand its benefits and use it to move forward with our businesses.

I’m not saying that anyone should give up their successful business practices today if they are working for them. But the reality is that social media is increasingly changing the game. And no matter how old, or how reluctant we may be to look at new things, it’s time to jump in and check it out.

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse. Register for the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference and attend. Cari Sultanik is moderating the Fundamentals of Social Media Track. (You can attend this track or any other sessions that interest you.) Before becoming a social media and marketing consultant, Cari was a school teacher. She is really good at helping people learn new things.

If you attend the conference and feel you have not learned enough to make your registration fee worthwhile, I will invite you to attend a second, smaller, more personalized program during the summer. If you still don’t learn enough to make your registration fee worthwhile, I will give you your money back. Just tell me it wasn’t worth your money and I will cut you a check and refund your registration fee.

So please, jump into the social media pool – like Pat, me and countless others – and learn what it’s all about. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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