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Social Media Training Program: Your Truck, Boat and Helicopter All in One!

Social Media TrainingSocial media training: climb aboard now. This is your chance!

There’s a modern parable that goes something like this. A man’s house was in a rapidly flooding area, and as the water was starting to rise the National Guard came around in a truck asked him to evacuate. He said, “No, God will save me.” Later on, as the water had covered most of his house, a rescue team came along in a boat and told him to get in the boat. He refused, and said, “No, God will save me.” Finally, even the roof of his house was covered, and as he was hanging onto the chimney, a helicopter flew overhead and lowered the basket. The crew called to him to climb in, but once again he called back, “No, God will save me.”

Sadly, the man perished, and when he made it to the Pearly Gates, he said to Saint Peter, “I trusted God to save me, but he let me die.” To that, Saint Peter said, “He sent you a truck a boat and a helicopter — what more did you expect Him to do?”

The 2016 SoMeBizLife Conference is your truck, boat and helicopter all in one! Sign up now and be part of the learning experience, Saturday April 16 at Delaware Valley University.

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In the work I do with business owners and professionals, I hear time and again: “I wish I knew how to connect with customers on social media.” “IĀ hope this Facebook advertisement will work.” “I hope I figure out how to get people to come to my store with the stuff I’m doing on Twitter.” “I wonder how I can make meaningful connections on Linkedin.”

Guess what? Wishing, hoping, and wondering are not sound business strategies, and they are not how a leader makes good things happen in their business.

The SoMeBizLife Conference is a full day of opportunity from you to learn directly from people who are doing social media well and getting good results for their businesses and for their clients. It will cost you 1 day of your time (a Saturday) and a modestĀ amount of money: $49 for a ticket — and just $34 if you use the discount code SoMeFriends at checkout and register by April 11. One hour with any one of the keynote speakers, closing speakers or breakout session leaders is well worth this investment — and you will get the return many times over. Plus, we’re including breakfast and lunch as part of the ticket.

Holy cow! I don’t know any other way to say it, but this conference is your truck, boat and helicopter all in one. If you don’t register and come to this event, then God bless your business soul — because the people working hard to bring you this conference are doing all they can to help you.

Hope to see you there! — Chuck Hall

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Here’s the agenda — if you need to see more!

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