Special Offers

Everyone who registers for the SoMeBizLife Conference will receive two bonus offers:

1. Free Role Based Assessment

Role Based Assessment helps people understand the roles they play in teams and their orientation toward team goals. This free, self-administered online assessment will offer you insights on how you can work more effectively with others on teams. Regularly offered at the price of $80 per person, this resource will be made available to all SoMeBizLife registrants absolutely free.

By taking this assessment and receiving your report free prior to the SoMeBizLife Conference you will more deeply appreciate Dr. Janice Presser’s presentation “Social Media is a Team Sport.” Once you register for the conference, you will receive an email telling you how you may register to take the Role Based Assessment.

For more information about Role Based Assessment go to The Gabriel Institute’s Website or read about RBA on Wikipedia.


2. The Dynamics of Social Business

SoMeBizLife is based on the concept that “Social” changes Media, Business and Life. How do we understand, navigate and take action during this period of intense change?

Conference producer Chuck Hall has presented “The Dynamics of Social Business” to multiple audiences in recent months. This presentation is now being turned into an e-book that will be sent to all conference registrants prior to the Conference. As a participant in the SoMeBizLife Conference, you will be among the first to receive this new release.

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