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The Next Big Thing in Social Media

SoMeBizLife Social Media DiscussionAre you ready? Are you really ready for the next big thing in social media? Let’s hope so, because it’s coming soon — and it’s going to change everything! Social media as we know it shall cease to exist, and unless you’re on board you’ll be left behind!

How often have we heard things like that about the newest thing — the next best app, a digital gizmo or a new social media platform? How do we really know what we should do today and tomorrow with social media? How do we really know?

For those of us working in our own businesses, in marketing, communications, public relations, social media, sales and other related fields, it’s important to keep up to date with social media and find out what’s really working for others who are doing it. What better way than to learn from other business owners and professional who are willing to share what they know. That’s what SoMeBizLife is all about.

The 2016 SoMeBizLife Conference, to be held April 16, 2016, at Delaware Valley University, sets out to answer the question: “Social Media: What Now?” We’re going to do this with a creative agenda that is designed to help us all answer that question and learn together.

The opening session of the event will bring focus to this¬†question, and closing session will send us for refreshed in our mission to build valuable connections with others through social media. In between is where the greatest magic will happen. We will hold four rounds of breakout sessions, which will be crowd-sourced from those who attend, and selected by those who attend. If you’ve ever attended a Barcamp or unconference, you know how this works. Here’s how it will function.

Everyone who attends the SoMeBizLife Conference will have the opportunity to propose a session that they would like to leave. They will write the topic down and post it for everyone to see. Everyone who attends will vote for the topics they believe will have the most value or interest for themselves. We will count the votes and then set up the breakout sessions according to what everyone most wants to learn from other participants.

Along with the things that we will all learn at the 2016 SoMeBizLife Conference, we will also benefit from creating new relationships as well as strengthening the bonds with have with others who are engaged in social media.

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