So You Want a Career in Social Media?

Social Media BoardAs three professionals who have seen the evolution of social media from listservs, to America Online, to the growth of the Internet, to the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram platforms we enjoy today, Lynette Young, Don Lafferty and Chuck Hall are uniquely positioned to offer their perspectives on what it takes to launch a social media career today. All three are self-employed and work collaboratively with each other and numerous other professionals today to make their livings in social media, digital marketing and business development.

You’re invited to join with them and others considering careers in social media to participate in an interactive session, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, August 27, in Doylestown, PA, designed to help you explore career opportunities in social media. The session will feature overview presentations from Lynette, Don and Chuck, followed by ample time for Q&A and discussion among participants.

The session will be held in the board room of the Bucks County Boy Scout Council Office at One Scout Way in Doylestown, right next to the Mercer Museum, Bucks County Library and the Michener Art Museum. Ample parking is available in the parking lot at the building. The cost for the program is just $9.99 per person. To register for this event, please click the link below:


Lynette Young

Lynette YoungWhen not buying 4-inch purple pumps or lounging by the Sephora counter, Lynette Young is triple booking herself helping others put their dreams into action as a social media coach, social technology specialist, and strategist for businesses since 1997.

Her love (besides her family) is Google+. She also ‘crushes’ on most other social networking platforms.

Lynette is the founder and curator of Women of Google+ with the goal of bringing together women of all backgrounds and abilities that wish to use social media to “take the worlds’ stage” for themselves and their businesses. She is one of the the most popular personalities on Google+ with well over 1.5 million followers and wrote the book, Google + for Small Businesses

Lynette is called Mom by two kids and is the keeper of one husband – and all three are her reason for smiling every day.

Don Lafferty

Don LaffertyDon Lafferty is obsessed with results.  Focusing on Inbound Marketing tools and tactics, he’s obsessed (and we do mean OBSESSED) with the ROI of Facebook ads and email marketing.

After a four year hitch testing guidance systems for the US Air Force, (where he learned his laser focus)  he broke into technology sales with TSI, a corporation well respected in technology circles.

Through 20 years in sales and marketing, he designed and conducted sales and product training internationally for Fortune 1000 companies such as 3M, Avnet, Cooper Industries, Flextronics International and many others.

In other words, he knows how to make the complex make sense. That’s a great skill to have whether you’re talking to corporate execs or to one of his four kids.

Since 2006, Don has been explaining the ROI of social media in plain terms at conferences and universities across the country.

Combined with his marketing expertise, Don is a prolific writer.  He writes for industry publications and crafts corporate messaging across a range of industries.  For fun, he writes crime fiction for the consumer market.

Chuck Hall

Chuck HallHe tore apart carburetors as a young child, mastered video production as a 15-year-old and earned a degree in journalism at Penn State University.

He got his start in social media with “Breaker, breaker!” on CB radio followed by  AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve, and now Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

He’s rehabbed an old house, considered a career as a pro bowler when he bowled several 270+ point games, and he achieved Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designations.  He’s also earned a master’s in organizational dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, guided startups at a business incubator, and pulled together a team of amazingly diverse professionals to form Faucet Group.

Oh, about the priesthood?  He did study for it but decided it wasn’t for him.

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