Past Speakers

Past SoMeBizLife Conferences have featured some amazing speakers. While this year’s format is different — many crowd-sourced presentations with speakers chosen the day of the conference — we are happy to say that we expect many of the past SoMeBizLife speakers to participate in the 2016 event. Here’s a list of some of our past speakers:

Alberto Janza

Amanda Walsh

Anthony Coombs

Beth Baker

Bill Parlaman

Brendan Lowry

Cari Sultanik

Catherine Cavella

Cecily Kellogg

Chuck Hall

Christina Kristofic

Cookie Biggs

Dave Polinchock

Don Lafferty

Donna Serdula

Eric Lepping

Eric Ziegler

Greg Lowe

Harrison Kratz

Hunter Boyle

Jamie Broderick

Jamie Haddon

Jane Hoffer

Janice Presser

Jen Phillips April

Jen Cohen

Jessica Cohen

Jim Donovan

Joseph Simek

Jonathan Maberry

Kara Hinrichs

Karen Graziano

Kim Graziano

Kelcey Meadows-Lucas

Kristin Kane

Larry Browne

Lynda Mitchell

Lynette Young

Matthew Levy

Maria Collins

Maria Martino Evans

Marlo DelSordo

Matt Levy

Mike Rubillo

Mike Thomas

Mike Krupit

Mike Maney

Mitch Lapides

Rick Toone

Rob Kall

Rod Hughes

Sarah Larson

Sharlene Sones

Skip Shuda

Steve Levine

Steve Lubetkin

Tom Knoble

Tina Paparone

Steve Levine