Aspiring Social Media Professional

If you’re just starting out as a social media professional or want to break into this field, it would be hard to imagine a SoMeBizLife session or a speaker that would not offer you a great opportunity for to learn more.

Opening Platform: SoMeBizLife — Welcome to the Revolution!

In the opening session, five speakers will help you understand why everyone’s so excited about  social media, how it’s changing the way we all do business and why it’s vital for you as an aspiring social media professional to see the big picture as you begin to move forward in the profession. The speakers are very smart, successful people. What is really great about them is that they are also very friendly and will be willing to answer your questions personally during breaks and between sessions!

After the opening general session and before lunch, you’ll get to pick two smaller breakout sessions where experts will give you great ideas and specific things that you can start doing right away to get moving or improve your social media efforts. You can choose any one of 5 topics in each of the two sessions, but we would recommend that you consider:

Breakout 1: Building Your Social Plan

Cari Sultanik

Cari Sultanik is at the leading edge of using social media for marketing as NutriSystem’s director of Social Media and Community Management. Cari will show how a well-known brand with more than 10,000 Facebook fans and tens of thousands of customers has built its plan for social media. As a trained educator and an MBA, Cari will show how social media platforms can be used to educate, build community and deliver powerful business results. If you want to appreciate the marketing value of social media and learn more about comprehensive social media planning, this will be a great session for you. For more information on Cari’s presentation, click here.


Breakout 2: Tracking and Measuring Social Media

Steve Levine

Steve Levine is a highly sought-after market researcher who blends decades of practical experience working with some of America’s largest companies with his own avid use of social media for business, nonprofits and personal connections. He is a great person to get to know as you begin your professional social media career. Steve will share practical insights and examples of best practices for tracking and measuring social media. This is one of the greatest challenges that clients will present to you — how do we tie social media to demonstrable business results? For more information on Steve’s presentation, click here.


The midday break will be wonderful, not just because of the excellent food that will be provided to us by the good folks at DelVal, but also because it will provide you an hour to informally learn from others as you exchange business cards, share ideas and build relationships with speakers and fellow participants that will last well beyond the conference day. After lunch, you’ll get to choose two more breakouts.

Breakout 3: Balancing Tech, Balancing Human

Eric Lepping

Eric Lepping is an experienced technologist who provides social media services to businesses throughout the Philadelphia suburbs. He has made the transition from working for a large company to owning his own business, and is well connected in his local community as president of his Rotary. As a technology expert, Eric is well aware of the many ways that tech can be used to automate interaction. As a people person well-connected in the community, he understands the human side of social. As you manage your career in social media, it is important to realize that just because technology exists to do something doesn’t mean it is the right application. And just because social media enable us to reveal a high level of personal information doesn’t mean we should. Where is the balance of tech and the balance of human? How do we achieve this balance to accomplish our business, personal and professional goals in social media? For more information on Eric’s presentation, click here.

Session 4: Social Entrepreneurship

Angela Giovine and Tina Paparone

Angela Giovine and Tina Paparone are sisters who early in their professional lives have carved their own paths using social media to create businesses that could not have exisited before the advent of new technology. In this join presentation, Angela and Tina will share their experiences in creating new businesses including: Lime Events, Bucks Happening, Happenings Media and BeMe. As you begin your career in social media, it’s also important to realize that not only do you need to be adept in using social media, but that you must also run your own business and/or work for someone else as some point along the way. To see more about Angela and Tina’s presentation, click here.

Closing Panel: Social Changes Media, Changes Lives

In the final session of the day, everyone will be back together in the big room. Five social media experts who work as journalists, public relations professionals and writers will share how social media is being used on a local, national and international level to help people connect with each other producing dramatic results that change lives. All of us are exposed to traditional and social media as consumers and as business people can be beneficiaries or victims of the media. Learn how social media is affecting traditional media and what it means for you and your business.

We’re looking forward to having you at the conference, June 1 at DelVal – register now!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Chuck Hall at 866-606-7686. This number will track Chuck down in his office, on his cell phone or at home. If he’s available, he will take your call to personally help you or will call you back as soon as he can!


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