Starting Small Business Social Media

If you’re a social media beginner in a small business, SoMeBizLife is going to be a life-changing event for you! From the moment you arrive at 7:30 a.m. for coffee and breakfast you’ll start meeting others at all different levels of social media expertise.

People in social media are very friendly and love to share ideas with each other. Sharing is what social media is all about, so you will find yourself in the right place to learn!

Opening Platform: SoMeBizLife — Welcome to the Revolution!

In the opening session, five speakers will help you understand why everyone’s so excited about  social media, how it’s changing the way we all do business and why it’s vital for you as a small business person to have a strong social media presence. The speakers are very smart, successful people. What is really great about them is that they are also very friendly and will be willing to answer your questions personally during breaks and between sessions!

After the opening general session and before lunch, you’ll get to pick two smaller breakout sessions where experts will give you great ideas and specific things that you can start doing right away to get moving or improve your social media efforts and get more business. You can choose any one of 5 topics in each of the two sessions, but we would recommend that you consider:

Breakout 1: Social Media Extends the Reach of Every Business

Don Lafferty

Don Lafferty actively works with businesses of all sizes to help them understand how to use social media. Don will offer practical down-to-earth examples of what other businesses are doing with social media. You could not find a better or more personable expert to help you figure it all out! For more information on Don’s presentation, click here.

Breakout 2: Building Relationships Online and Face-to-Face

Kim Graziano

Kim Graziano does an amazing job helping people connect with each other and with businesses in social media and face-to-face. It’s no wonder that she does so well, with a people-oriented background as a chef and wine aficionado. In her day job, she is an event planner and wine sales representative. She stays tremendously involved with the community through various local non-profit activities, such as Habitat for Humanity. She’ll help you figure out how to make meaningful connections online that translate into real-world benefits. For more information on Kim’s presentation, click here.


The midday break will be wonderful, not just because of the excellent food that will be provided to us by the good folks at DelVal, but also because it will provide you an hour to informally learn from others as you exchange business cards, share ideas and build relationships with speakers and fellow participants that will last well beyond the conference day. After lunch, you’ll get to choose two more breakout sessions.

Breakout 3: Facebooking Your Business

Tom Knoble

Tom Knoble is a whiz with using Facebook for small businesses. And it is hard to imagine a small business today that shouldn’t be using Facebook to market to people who live in your community! So what should you be doing with Facebook? What information should be on your page, what should it look like, and how can you use it to get people coming to you for the products and services they need? For more information on Tom’s presentation, click here.

Alternate Breakout 3: More Better Video in Social Media

Rick Toone

If you already have Facebook mastered, then you should think about adding video to your Facebook page and/or website to achieve better search engine marketing results AND show people who you are and what you do. Prior to relocating to Bucks County, Rick lived and worked in Hollywood, working on more than 50 SuperBowl commercials, and on countless other television and movie productions. It would be hard to imagine someone who knows more about producing great video! For more information on Rick’s presentation, click here.

Breakout 4: Turning Social into Sales

Chris Beadling

Chris Beadling is an experienced sales and marketing expert who clearly understands that at the end of the day your business needs to make sales to survive. Chris is a veteran of real estate marketing and sales, and also works with small businesses to connect online and social media to real face-to-face sales results. This is where the rubber hits the road! For more information on Chris’s presentation, click here.

Closing Panel: Social Changes Media, Changes Lives

In the final session of the day, everyone will be back together in the big room. Five social media experts who work as journalists, public relations professionals and writers will share how social media is being used on a local, national and international level to help people connect with each other producing dramatic results that change lives – and that can help you in your small business social media efforts.

We’re looking forward to having you at the conference, June 1 at DelVal – register now!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Chuck Hall at 866-606-7686. This number will track Chuck down in his office, on his cell phone or at home. If he’s available, he will take your call to personally help you or will call you back as soon as he can!


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