Alberto Janza: Insights for Social Media Entrepreneurs

Alberto Janza, a computer science engineer who moved to the United States from Spain in 2011, will share his technical insights in the Social Media Entrepreneurship Track at the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference, May 30 at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. Alberto will serve on a panel of experts in the closing session of the track along with Mike Krupit, general manager of business incubator Novotorium, and Maria Collins, creative director at Novotorium.

Alberto is technical director at Langhorne-based Novotorium. Hehas worked as the technical director for several start-up companies, participating in small and big software projects (up to $15 million budget). He has managed teams (up to 15 members split into three-member teams), doing several tasks that range from recruiting and training members of the team to managing the software developments by using agile and collaborative methodologies.

In addition to his technical background,he has gained experience in software design and software architecture of big projects that had key requirements of performance and scalability. As a back-end engineer he loves databases (relational ones and NoSQLs) and he works primarily with Ruby and Java.

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