Kara Hinrichs: Business-to-Business Social Media

Kara Hinrichs, new media manager at BrickSimple, a next generation web and mobile app development firm, will speak along with Steve Levine in the opening session of the Business-t0-Business Social Media Track at the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference. Kara and Steve will ” B2B — One Size Does Not Fit All.”

In what promises to be an informative and highly engaging session, Steve and Kara will approach business from different perspectives. large vs small, corporate vs non-corporate, and national vs local. They’ll surely add in their diverse perspectives as Baby Boomer and Millennial.

Participants will learn how understanding customers and their demographics, then applying this intelligence will benefit business relationships. Business social networking can be daunting. In this lively exchange, Steve and Kara will take the mystery out of where to spend time and what to do once there.

Kara began working at BrickSimple in 2011 after learning about the company at a local tweet-up. She applies her extensive knowledge of social media and its impact in business application to help BrickSimple and its clients. Her responsibilities include defining project applications, gathering project requirements, and overseeing the development process.

Prior to BrickSimple, Kara held positions with digital creative and computer software companies with a range of management/communication responsibilities. She’s been an avid blogger and Twitter user for nearly 5 years. In addition to social media, she enjoys networking, traveling, and thinks the internet can never have too many cats. Kara has a B.A. in German and International Affairs from University of New Hampshire.

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