The Social Business Future

Successive waves of technology innovation, economic pressure on a global scale and profound changes in society have forever transformed “business as usual.” In the lifetimes of today’s prime business leaders we have seen the introduction of email, personal computers, mobile phones, the internet and social media. As the businesses around the world have faced intense financial pressure, people — their employees, customers and business partners — have participated in a social revolution like no other.

People today are more connected, enabled and empowered than ever before in human history. And yet many businesses have still not cashed in on the opportunities available in today’s new social era.

The Social Business Future is now. This conference is designed to help business leaders and professionals to see the opportunities before them, learn side by side with peers from experienced social business professionals, and take from the conference an actionable strategy to engage in social business.

The Social Business Future Conference, November 9, 2012, is a full-day program conveniently located on the beautiful campus of Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The conference is a collaborative effort between Delaware Valley College and SoMeBizLife Conference, providers of affordable continuing education in easily accessible locations in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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