Don Lafferty: Connecting with Customers through Social

Don Lafferty, one of the area’s top marketing and social media consultants, will kick off the Business to Consumer Social Media Track at the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference with the presentation “Connecting with Your Customers Through Social Media.” Why should you attend this track?

Your customers are using social media. Period. Your marketing challenge is to identify and connect with them appropriately, articulating your company’s value proposition while tipping the first domino in a chain that results in converting a casual connection to a loyal customer. Don will provide an update of the social media landscape, and give you insight into the customer behaviors that all businesses need to consider when setting out to create your social media strategy. He’ll cover community etiquette and expectations designed to foster the highest level of trust and engagement. Armed with this information, you’ll be better positioned to ask the right questions so you can make informed decisions about the social media platforms that suit your business objectives, the cost of a social media strategy and the results you can expect.

Don Lafferty is a writer, blogger, lecturer and Web 2.0 marketing consultant. He’s written corporate communication, marketing and advertising copy, as well as feature articles for numerous national magazines. Don is a regular contributor to the global conversation revolving around marketing through online social networks, working with a wide range of clients to craft effective strategies and tactics for connecting with their customers like never before.

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